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Delicious Sandwiches

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The Kids: Nate, Melina, & Brandon

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Bakery Goods at its Finest

No Sugar Added

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Reduced Fat

An All Natural Welcome

We know by visiting our web page the uniqueness of TKB
will put a smile on your face.

Adult kidsThe Kids Business® (TKB) began in 1991, in the city of Rancho Mirage, California in the home of Athena Sippel. For over 20 years Athena has honed her skills and developed delicious flavors in bakery. Today we supply three major Grocery store chains with our baked items and bakery dough. Head over to our bakery list, there you can find all our bakery products including pre-made bakery dough. Order in Bulk or individually, these pre-made batter are great for any occasions.

It doesn’t stop there, in our production facility we operate a Sandwich shop/Deli, for our local businesses and neighbors. Fresh ingredients, variety of tender meats and cheeses all ready for your consumption. Just head over to our order form and we will bring a big smile to your tummy.

Drop by and say hello or contact us anytime.

The Kids Business®.

Fast Service

We love our customers, drop-by or send a comment. Have that burning question or just want to say hi, we love to respond to holla back at ya!!

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Wide Selection

Known as the desert’s best sandwiches, we got flavors for you. From the top mouth-watering selection in our All-stars to the grab n’ go “Keep It Si’m’ppel” options, you won’t be leave empty handed – or empty stomach.

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Baked Fresh

Many options to choose from including our healthy options sugar free, gluten free, and reduced fat. Our bread is baked fresh daily and come in a variety of options and flavors. We offer our dough in take-home boxes or pints so that you can have that TKB freshness where ever you go.

Bakery List

Host A Party

We can bring to your event all the best bakery and deli options that you know and love. We also have No gluten or sugar added options, all the flavor you want without the things you don’t.