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The Story

Where We Started

Lets begin, TKB began in 1991, in the home of Athena Sippel (Mom) in the city of Rancho Mirage, California. She started by making cookie dough for her three children’s school fundraiser. Athena developed healthier, tastier alternatives along with other varieties serving them to her children and their friends. The cookies were a hit!

While working as a pastry chef in a local country club, she improved her skills while researching recipes, supplies and equipment. Her husband Paul knew they were on to something big and nurtured that inspiration. The business was on the move..

Right from the beginning, “The Kids” — Brandon, Melina, and Nathan — were the driving force of the business. Joined with friends, they went door to door selling their frozen cookie dough. They expanded further, selling them at fund raisers, local markets and restaurants.

Fast forward 20 years, The kids have grown up and now operate TKB supplying three major Grocery store chains. In our production facility we operate a Sandwich shop / Deli serving the best sandwiches of the Coachella Valley. With new flavors being developed and a passion for everything bakery. Come on by and pay us visit, let us create something for you…

…Let your imagination fly!
The Kids Business®.