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We love your questions. Ask away!

What’s the most popular sandwich?
Chicken Chipotle

What’s your number 1 dessert?
Chocolate Chip cookie or Carrot cake

Who are the Kids?
Brandon, Nathan, Melina Sippel, everyone is family!

Is there a seating area?
Yes, we have a whole dining area for you to enjoy your TKB select sandwich.

What type of flour do you use in your Wheat-Free products?
Rice Flour and Potato Flour

What sweeteners so you use in your No Sugar Added products?
All natural Fruit juice sweetened, apple juice, pineapple, applesauce

How did your business start?
As a fundraiser 20 years ago. 3 siblings going door to door, making money in the summertime.

Which grocery store chains carry your products?
Gelson’s and Jensen’s in Southern California. AJ’s Fine Foods and Whole Foods in the state of Arizona.

Have you guys had retail facilities?
TKB has ran 4 Deli/Bakeries in the Palm Springs area, we currently have one attached to our factory.

Are you in other states?
No, but we are always open to possibilities

Are you looking to expand?
Yes, investors welcomed